Slip and Fall Accidents: Their Usual Causes and Effects


Sometimes, an ordinary case of slip and fall can result in injuries that no one would even think can be severe. Many victims, however, will tell you that some incidents of slip and fall have resulted to fractures which have caused them great pains or impairment.

According to the Chris Mayo Law Firm website, falls are listed among the top causes of injuries in the US. This information is clearly substantiated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which says that more than two million fall injuries are recorded every year. The commission further gives the following details about this common cause of personal injury:

  • The most serious consequence of falls is fracture, hip fracture
  • Slips and falls are the leading causes of work injuries, especially for people between 15 and24 years old, and of lost days from work
  • The most common causes of the accident include spills on floors, weather conditions, plumbing issues, uneven steps or floors, inadequate lighting, unnecessary clutter, slick or slippery floors, lack of guardrails, railings and warning signs, exposed wires and other trip hazards

Though an injury sustained through a slip and fall accident may be blamed on the injured person him or herself, the property owner, is mainly responsible for making sure that his or her establishment or property, is free from hazards that may cause such falls, especially if it is a commercial or public place (like a mall, a restaurant or eatery, any paved establishment).

Failure by the owner to ensure safety on his or her property can amount to negligence which, if it results to an injury, may require compensation for the injured individual. Injured victims on the other hand, will definitely find having a legal professional on their side an advantage in fighting for their rights and interests.

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